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Posted on 07-22-2016

Animals often use body language to communicate, and a cat's tail is the perfect tool to help you understand your pet's mood.

Tail held straight up: Your kitty is feeling friendly or content! He is confident and is happy to see you.

Tail raised back at an angle: This position implies your cat is feeling friendly but not so sure about his surroundings. Some cats may hold their tails this way when meeting other animals.

Tail raised up, swishing slowly: Your cat may be trying to "figure out" a situation, or could just be in a relaxed, peaceful mood.

Tail raised up, hooked at the tip: The question mark shape of this tail is showing just how your cat is feeling - friendly, but questioning his environment.

Tail held horizontally behind the cat: Your cat may be relaxed and friendly when holding his tail this way. Some cat breeds, like the Persian and the Scottish Fold, tend to generally hold their tails low.

Hook in base of tail: You may have noticed your cat run through the house with his tail bent at the base. This position indicates he is feeling feisty!

Bristled tail: A cat with a bristled tail may be feeling threatened, startled or scared. Cats sometimes use this tail position to make themselves appear bigger.

Tail held low and straight: When your cat is holding his tail diagonally down, he may be feeling irritated – or that he is on his way to becoming aggressive!

Tail held between the legs: This is considered a submissive position. A submissive tail can make a cat look smaller and less threatening, as opposed to how a bristled tail can make the cat appear larger.

Tail straight up, quivering: A kitty with a quivering tail is very happy to see you! Your cat may do this when he is about to spray, also.

Thrashing tail: A wagging cat tail is much different than a dog's! A forceful, thrashing tail, sweeping from side to side quickly, could mean a few things. Sometimes, this can imply your kitty is alert - when playing with a toy, hunting rodents outside, etc. Your cat may also be angry or irritated, so use caution if this is the case!

Twitching tail tip: When just the tip of your cat's tail twitches, he may be in hunting mode - either when interested in outdoor prey, or when playing with his toy.

What other tail positions does your cat display? Let us know in the comments!

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