Fear Free Care at City Pets Vet

Fear Free is a set of training methods for veterinary experts, trainers, and pet owners to help pets overcome their fears, anxiety, and stress.

We Offer Fear-Free Animal Care


City Pets Vet is committed to reducing our patients’ tension, anxiety, and stress while providing the best medical care possible.

Our practice incorporates Fear Free techniques and approach to care for your pet. Treats, kongs, mats, hiding spaces, allowing cats to stay in their carriers and dogs to remain in the most comfortable place for them during their visit with us, pre-visit medications, and changes in handling techniques.

When working with our patients, our veterinary staff incorporates low-stress and Fear Free practices.

How We Implement Fear Free

The Fear Free method is used across our veterinary clinic and is prioritized second only to our patients’ medical treatment. Before and during each session, we work with our patients and their representatives to complete the following processes.

Good Communication Between Pets & People
To begin, we must first comprehend and recognize how pets transmit stress to humans.

These indications might range from a tight look to dilated pupils to snarling, hissing, or a tucked tail, to mention a few.

We also talk to the owner about the pet’s recognized stressors, which can include sounds, smells, discomfort, illness processes, and new individuals.

Understanding what stresses our canine and feline clients, as well as how they convey that stress, allows us to better address it during their visits.

If there is something that creates fear, stress, or anxiety (FAS), we ask that the family speak up. We can assist you!

Planning Ahead

A stress-free veterinary visit begins at home. Please let us know if your pet seems anxious upon visiting the veterinarian. We can make recommendations for things to do at home before the visit. There may be alternatives to send nutrients or medication home with you before your appointment to aid with road sickness or reduce tension at the vet.

Please let us know if your pet becomes stressed while entering the lobby or when meeting new people or animals. You are welcome to wait in your car or in our outside waiting area before entering the exam room. To assist you, we have multiple entrances.

Please let us know whether your pet prefers male or female veterinarians.

Cats and tiny to medium-sized dogs should be familiar with their carriers before using them. This can be performed by placing the carrier at a location in the house where the pet enjoys spending time. To assist create a comfortable environment with familiar scents, drape a towel over the top of the carrier.

Toys, soft, comfortable bedding, or a non-slip mat should be included in the carrier, which should also include a top-off option to make it more accessible.

Cat or dog pheromones can be sprayed in the carrier or onto a bandana for larger pets.

Use an approved restraining device in the automobile while carrying a medium to large dog. Avoiding abrupt stops and starts, as well as listening to soothing music or driving in quiet, can help keep the trip to the vet as stress-free as possible.

Bring their favorite food or toys with them to the visit.

A Calm, Quiet Environment
We try our utmost to maintain a tranquil and serene environment at our veterinary clinic.

Our patients are put into their exam room immediately upon arrival to prevent additional stress associated with waiting rooms.

As dogs and cats are frequently sensitive to loud noises and quick movements, our veterinary team will remain calm, speak in low voices, and approach the pet in a leisurely, careful manner during the session.

Treats & Toys
There are snacks all over the hospital. If your cat or dog needs a particular diet, please bring treats or food with you to the appointment. If your pet or household member has dietary restrictions or allergies please let our team know.
Medication For Stress and Anxiety
Our veterinary team has received training in low-stress management techniques and a compassionate attitude.

If you know your pet is anxious or stressed when seeing the veterinarian, please make us aware when scheduling your appointment. We can provide medication to give before your pet’s visit to make the experience as stress-free as possible.